Furnish your bedroom in green: 10 beautiful ideas

bedroom in green

Relax, calm down, have a blissful slumber – do you think directly of your bedroom? If not, then it’s high time for a makeover! Fortunately, most people are aware that the bedroom is not suitable as a storage room for vacuum cleaners, clothes racks, etc.

5 beautiful ideas for room dividers in the bedroom

room divider

We’ll therefore tell you how you can integrate several areas in your bedroom and still keep it quiet and tidy. Five beautiful ideas for separating the sleeping area with room dividers – from modern to practical. Get inspired!

Furnish a bedroom with 12 square meters: We’ll tell you how to do it!

Furnish a bedroom with 12 square meters: We’ll tell you how to do it! No matter how small it may be, the bedroom is simply the haven of peace in every apartment. A cozy and balanced atmosphere is particularly important here. That’s why proper planning is crucial, especially for small rooms! After all, every square meter should […]

9 Beautiful Bedroom Decoration Ideas

bedroom decoration ideas

Our bedroom is supposed to be particularly cozy, after all, we spend about a third of our lives here! We have therefore put together nine tips for you. With these ideas for furnishing a large bedroom, you can create more comfort and style in no time!

7 beautiful wardrobe alternatives for every home

wardrobe alternatives

Would you rather have a revolving door wardrobe or sliding door wardrobe, or would you rather have several clothes rails or compartments and drawers in your wardrobe? Does everything sound boring to you? No problem, there is so much more than the classic wardrobe. Are you wondering: What wardrobe alternatives are there? 

8 beautiful wardrobe ideas for little space

wardrobe ideas

No matter whether you have a small bedroom, a tiny dressing room, a room with a sloping ceiling or simply a small wardrobe with little space, we are guaranteed to provide a suitable solution for you.