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Sofa & Couch – Stylish upholstered furniture to feel good

The sofa is the heart of every living room. A place where we come together with family and friends, exchange ideas and relax. Since the living space is both an oasis of well-being and a retreat, the couch should be tailored to your personal needs. In addition to comfort and functional advantages, it should above all suit your taste. In our guide you will find out what you should look out for when you buy a new sofa and how you can best present it!

What types of sofa are there?

Sofas are available in many different variants and styles. With us you will find a variety of popular types for every room size and every living concept. So that you can find the right couch for your home, our interior experts have put together an overview of the most popular models for you.

Small & practical sofas: space-saving comfort

2-seater sofas are characterized by ideal dimensions for small rooms. Are you looking for a small couch for the guest room? Sofas with a maximum width of 170 cm are ideal for this – especially if they have a sleeping function.

The same applies to the corner sofa: the L-shaped couch offers a cozy surface, the integrated ottoman an opportunity to put your feet up. Arrange an armchair, poufs and stools with the L-shaped sofa for a communicative seating group. Important: Think of small tables near the seating!

Are you looking for a model with a larger seat than the 2-seater sofa and which can be used more flexibly in any room than a corner couch? The 3-seater sofa offers a practical intermediate solution – wider than the 2-seater and more space-saving than the corner sofa.

Big Sofas and sectionals: For great comfort

Do you like to invite friends over or do you have a large family? Then relax on a Big Sofa! Thanks to its deep lying surface, you can put your feet up or use the wide lying surface for your afternoon nap.

Sofa sets, which can often be put together flexibly, offer the same level of comfort. Consisting of one or two sofas and at least one other piece of upholstered furniture, they offer plenty of seating and give every living room a lounge flair.

Sofa-bed, couch with sleeping function and bed box

You don’t have a guest room, but still want to offer your visitors a place to stay? The solution: a sofa bed! Because sofa beds are space-saving, comfortable and an enrichment for every household. Such a multi-talent with a sleeping function can be used in the small living room as well as in the children’s room or in the party room. In particular, functional sofas with spring core upholstery inspire with maximum comfort – day and night. Do you need additional storage space? A multifunctional sofa with bed box provides a remedy and provides extra space for storage.

Would you like the flexibility to rearrange your sofa as you wish? A modular sofa offers you many options: The individual parts can be put together as you wish, which means that the couch can be made smaller or larger.

Unusual designs

Daybeds and chaise longues are currently in vogue – and are considered to be the forerunners of unique sofa designs. Thanks to the half-height backrests, the daybed looks airy and light. The situation is similar with the récamiere, also known as an ottoman. In addition to the backrest, it only has one armrest and therefore appears more open than classic versions. Its compact dimensions and narrow shape allow it to be placed where you need additional storage and seating, for example in the bedroom or dressing room.

Chesterfield sofas are characterized by their signature design, namely button-stitched upholstery. Thanks to ornate decorative rivets and classic leather or modern velvet, the Chesterfield sofa can hardly be surpassed in terms of elegance.

Sofa fabrics – this is how you find the right cover

Not only the choice of the sofa model is essential, but also its fabric cover. Leather? Leatherette? Linen? Microfiber? There are countless upholstery fabrics and each fabric has individual properties and advantages. With a couch made of imitation leather, you don’t have to do without the elegant leather look and you benefit from its easy care. The synthetic material is less sensitive than genuine leather and is easier to clean. Real leather, on the other hand, has an authentic charm and, even after years, still impresses with its shiny surface and pleasant feel. Slight signs of wear, such as small scratches, are unavoidable on the leather sofa, but they also account for its casual charm. Textile sofas, on the other hand, offer an exclusive selection of colors and designs. From the patterned couch to the designer sofa with a patchwork look to the lounge sofa in your favorite color – the design palette is almost limitless.

Whichever upholstery set you choose, a high-quality cover is not only visually appealing, but also due to its longevity and pleasant feel. Velvet sofas offer a high degree of comfort and aesthetics. These are not only comfortable and durable, but also enrich every room with their luxurious shine. Rattan sofas look more rustic, but are in no way inferior to the velvet version in terms of robustness. Because they are so hard-wearing and durable that they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Matching accessories for your sofa

With cushions, blankets and plaids, a sofa looks even more comfortable. These cozy accessories should either match the color of the couch exactly or create a strong and atmospheric contrast. These home accessories are not just visual highlights, they also look equally inviting for a comfortable time on the couch. Next to a sofa or sofa bed, a side table always cuts a fine figure and is super practical! Chips and glass are always within reach, despite the fact that you’re lying comfortably on the couch. If you also combine a stool or pouf to match the couch, you have upholstered furniture in the room that also serves as a table.

Sofa sizes – what sizes and seat heights are there?

The right dimensions of your couch are elementary for the interior design. Measure the intended space in advance. Even in a small living room, there should always be enough between the furniture. It is therefore better to choose a chic 2-seater plus armchair for the small living room in order to remain as flexible as possible. For large families or in larger rooms, a couch with a width of 400 cm can definitely be considered. Tip: The number of back cushions gives you a rough idea of how many people have space to sit.

In addition to the size of the sofa, the seat height is also important, i.e. the distance from the floor to the highest point of the seat. A seat height of approx. 43 to 45 cm is optimal for most people. Basically, the lower the seat height, the more difficult it is to stand up. You can offer your guests different seat heights by expanding the living area with other upholstered furniture such as poufs or seat cushions.

Color worlds – this is how you find the right color for your sofa and couch

Due to the large area, the color of the sofa has a significant influence on the spatial effect. You can therefore use its fabric color as a basis and coordinate your home accessories, furniture and carpets with it. In particular, larger models – such as the L- or U-shaped couch – appear less dominant in subtle colors such as grey, beige or cream.

Do you prefer the modern glamor look? A light gray velvet sofa looks timelessly elegant and harmonises with current white furniture. This color ensemble also offers the perfect basis for seasonal or trend-oriented styling. For example with patterned pillows! Or you can choose from a variety of colorful designer sofas, which will become an absolute eye-catcher in every living room – thanks to their striking design language and exciting color scheme.

The most popular styles

The cozy country-style sofa

Do you love natural interior looks and comfort? The latter is able to radiate a country-style couch. Soft materials and traditional patterns such as checks or flowers are characteristic. Rely on restrained colors and classic 2- to 3-seaters.

The modern sofa

The modern couch complements contemporary living landscapes with a puristic seat. It is available both as a reduced 2-seater and as a corner sofa. Timeless natural and non-colours are in keeping with the style.

Vintage sofas for retro fans

When choosing your vintage-style sofa, orientate yourself on the era that you want to integrate into your living space. If this is the colorful 70s, a mustard yellow or brown sofa is an authentic representative. For an elegant retro look, choose a Chesterfield sofa made of dark brown leather – with decorative elements in gold, it is reminiscent of the golden twenties.

Simple sofas in Scandinavian design

The Scandinavian sofa is characterized by a restrained, simple design language. Sofa covers in warm natural colors or delicate pastel shades provide the world-famous hygge factor. Tip: Lay out the seats with cuddly lambskins and sit on round or oval coffee tables!

Trendy styles at a glance

Velvet sofas in jewel tones such as emerald green are true trend pieces and are ideal for the retro look with a glam accent!

Do you love pure elegance? White fabric sofas make your living room shine!

Brown leather sofas are a must-have for country-style interiors. With furs and cozy plaids, the look becomes cozy!

Cleaning the sofa: tips for a clean couch

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning. Baking soda has established itself as a proven household remedy for stain removal, cleaning and odor neutralization. Thoroughly vacuum your couch beforehand to remove dust and loose dirt. Put baking soda on the affected area or the entire cover. Leave the baking soda on overnight and vacuum it off the next day. Other household remedies are cleaning with shaving foam, baking powder or washing powder. In any case, try the cleaning method first on a hidden area to test the reaction of the material.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone